Graphics Portfolio


I worked closely with the Sr. Designer
on these centers. I was responsible for
maintaining consistent design elements
and text specifications, throughout the
entire series of games and support
materials for 3 boxes, covering:

    Grades 1, 2, and 3

  1. 36 Game Boards and cards per box

  2. Teacher Guide

  3. Student Consumable Book

  4. Assessment Kit including 3 books:
         Student Pre-Test
         Student Post-Test
         Teacher’s Pre/Post Test Guide

I was the Production Artist on various Center projects.
Bridge the Gap, my responsibilities included:
coloring approximately 500 pieces of blackline art,
while closely following and maintaining the Design specifications for:

  1. 25 Game Boards & Cards for the Primary box

  2. 30 Game Boards & Cards for the Intermediate box

  3. Teacher Guide

  4. Student Consumable Book

  5. 3 Book Assessment Kit

Leveled Readers Theater Grades 1-6+

As Production Artist on this project,
I closely followed and maintained the
Art Director and Writers’ design element
and text specifications
for each of:

  1.   26 units-A to Z

  2.   2 teacher pages

  3.   5 activity pages


Bridge the Gap Phonics Centers-Intermediate and Primary

Daily Reading Language Centers

For this project, I was responsible
for choosing the title fonts to match
each story theme, while applying
the Art Directors’ design specifications
across the entire series of six books:

    Grades 1-6+

  1.   12-15 stories per book

  2.   1 teacher page per story

  3.   3 activity pages per story

  4.   1 poetry page per story

Daily Phonics and Phonics Intervention Centers

For this project I was the
Art Assets Manager, closely following the
Editors’ art callouts. I was responsible for managing
the acquisition, approval and delivery of art assets coming
in from outside illustrators; organizing and meta-tagging the images
and logging them into the digital assets management system and finally placing the art in the books:

  1.   14 books covering 6 grades

  2.   over 1800 images

Interactive Courseware

On this project, I worked closely
with the tech team, to repurpose
the design elements of the book called:
Draw then Write, into an Interactive App.

I was a collaborative member of the
Creative team on each of these series of books,
as well as many others, too numerous to mention,
during the 9+ years I was employed at Evan-Moor Educational Publishers.

Freelance Graphic Work


Grades 1-6+

Grades Pre-K-3

Level A-D

Grades Pre-K-K

Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet

Draw then Write

  1. To view entire Product at Evan-Moors’
    website please click here:

  1. To view entire Product at Evan-Moors’
    website please click here:

I designed and completed this Poster for the:
International Transportation Engineers 2010 Annual Conference

Post card for Open Studios Art Show

Digital Illustration

Logo for an Art Therapist

Mock-up CD cover for Pink Martini

3 Mock-up single page advertising spreads for Time Trinkets

Book Cover: “Patterns Designed By Nature”