I was born and grew up in Hollywood, Florida...
by the 3rd grade it was very clear that I was
an Artist! I attended Florida State University
and discovered Ceramics, Weaving and Jewelry
as possible career paths. A move to California
changed everything and there was no going
back! I was taken to the Renaissance Faire and
seemingly never left... I began working there as
an Ale Wench and for the last 10 years I have
had my own booth, Ancient Amulets where I sell
my Jewelry! My work has been represented at
galleries around California including The
Phoenix at Big Sur, Freehand in Los Angeles,
and Gallery Fair in Mendocino.

Along the way I graduated from the University
of California at Santa Cruz with a degree in
Design for Film & Television, where I discovered
Mask Making and Costume Design. I began
working as a Costumer for Shakespeare Santa Cruz and then got my break into Film! I've also
worked a season for Cirque du Soleil and for
Ballet Silicon Valley.

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